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Number of flight delays set to double in less than 20 years

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PAssengers wait during a fligh delay
The number of flight delays is set to double by 2035. The prediction has been made as the International Air Travel Transport Association (IATA) predict that air passenger numbers are to almost double with 20 years to over 7 billion. 
The Asia-pacific region is expected to contribute almost half of the new traffic expected with the next two decades.
China will continue to grow and knock the US off top spot with air travel numbers and as a consequence they will increase the number of its flight delays.
Countries such as India, which are currently encouraging investment into regional and national infrastructure, will also see a huge rise in flight delays. India, like Europe, has a regulation in place that entitles passengers to flight delay compensation.
In Europe, however, the aim of awarding compensation to a passenger is to champion passenger rights. In India, it is to help encourage the burgeoning business class to continue to travel despite flight delays.
Moving forward, passengers will perhaps have to accept flight delays and cancellations as a consequence of air travel. They will, however, be demanding ways to be entertained and ultimately less frustrated when experiencing this delays.
European passengers can expect much more of the same going forward. As in the United States, the air travel industry is well developed. Or at least they have had their lion's share of air passenger growth in the past.
It is now up to the developing nations to maintain their foothold in their respective regions and continue to grow.