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Certain airlines are better at avoiding flight delays than others.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Depending on which airline you fly with, the next time the weather is too bad to land, you might still be able to land. Certain airlines appear to be better at avoiding flight delays than others.

Two weeks ago, flights landing at Bristol airport had to be diverted and were consequently delayed. These flight delays were caused by dense fog.
Some airlines, however, were able to land and some airlines were not. Ryanair was able to land its plane and an easyJet flight was left circling the airport like a hungry bird waiting for a fish.
There is a simple reason behind this. Airlines operate different rules when it comes to fog, but why do the operating limits differ?
There was no forthcoming information as to why airlines operate different limits. And much like the skies over Bristol that caused these delays, it is unclear if airlines having different operating limits has any impact on  the safety of passengers.
Incidents such as this one give no reason for airlines to be concerned about flight delay compensation, as weather conditions are one of the only reasons why a passenger may not be entitled to flight delay compensation after a flight delay of 3 or more hours or a flight cancellation.