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Pregnancy causes a flight to be delayed

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Image of a pregant woman
Have you ever been refused to board a flight? One baby in the near future will be able to hold the dubious title of being refused to board before they were even born.
A pregnant woman and her fiancé were denied boarding a flight because the plane was too heavy.
The couple was refused entry to the flight to Quebec City because the flight was overweight, causing a 30-minute flight delay.
At first, airline staff asked waiting passengers if they would voluntarily not fly, due to weather conditions requiring the plane’s weight to be reduced.
Not enough passengers took up the offer of not flying to lessen the load and it resulted in the couple, Annette Bice and Geoff Hotrum, missing their final romantic getaway before they welcomed their first born.
The incident was reported by Canadian news website,; the online publication interviewed the couple.
“It was comical, hard to believe, we thought: are you kidding?” Hotrum is reported to have said.
The airline in question, Porter Airlines, managed to fly into a strong headwind by denying boarding to the couple. Canadian law protects passengers when it comes to denied boarding and states that the passengers must be compensated in cases such as these.
The airline did offer a compensation package but it would appear that it does not reach the required tariffs as stated by law.
The mother to be took the situation in good spirits according to Globalnews: “It’s lucky I’m easy going,” said Bice, when commenting on being selected at random not to fly.