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McD's gets its McWings to make flight delays more bearable

Monday, December 5, 2016

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Airline food is nasty, right? Don't you like it? I hear you. What about Mcdonald's? Do you like that? Good. 

McDonald's has taken to the sky, thanks to a collaboration with a Canadian airline. WestJet will offer free coffee on demand on all of its domestic flights.

A McCafe menu will be served throughout flights, as the fast food giant looks to take its relationship with Canada to the next level.

Prior to the announcement, Westjet had worked with McDonald's before when they teamed up to help the airline's children's charities.  

But will Mc’D’s coffee still be as we expect it? It has been reported that once a plane reaches 30,000 feet, its passenger's sense of smell and taste, as well as their ability to taste salt and sweet, dramatically alters.

This McCafe has been specially brewed to adjust to the changes in altitude that dull the senses. It has been reported that the move to take McCafe to the skies is an attempt to grow the McDonalds brand into something more than a fast food chain. 

The Canadian airline will be the first to test the theory.  It remains to be seen and drank if McD's on a flight would make a flight delay more bearable. 

Written by: Team Flight-Delayed