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Toilet blockage causes flight delay

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Toilet sign for an aircraft
A flight from Canada to Pakistan was delayed after airline staff stated that something ‘solid’ had blocked one of the toilets on board. 
Passengers were delayed for five hours after the plane was forced to land at Manchester.
The blockage of the toilet quickly became a health and safety issue as all the toilets are connected by the same drain pipe. The blocking of one toilet put all the others on board out of action.
The issue was realised mid-flight, causing the pilot to take a 200-mile detour and land in Britain before continuing to the Indian sub-continent.
The aircraft spent three hours on the tarmac while the toilets could be serviced and after a detour of an hour to arrive in Manchester, the flight finally arrived at its destination with a total delay of five hours.
The story highlights the importance of passengers following all of the in-flight instructions, including not to throw solid objects in the toilet.