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Ryanair are disputing the laws around flight delay compenstaion

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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Millions of pounds in flight delay compensation will go unclaimed if Ryanair Boss Michael O'Leary has his way. 
That is if a court rules that claims for flight delay compensation should be made through the Irish courts, not courts based in England.
Under current EU laws, passengers are entitled to flight delay compensation under certain circumstances if their flights have been delayed by 3 or more hours.
The C.E.O of the Irish carrier has brought forward the case in hopes of  putting off passengers claiming the flight delay compensation they deserve. are well versed in the ways that airlines try to avoid paying passengers what is legally theirs. This latest move could see passengers forego their right to claim flight delay compensation due to the thought of a drawn out legal battle in the Irish courts.
This move is the latest in a long line of controversial statements from Ryanair and is likely to add further to the list of passengers that struggle to get their flight delay compensation.
Airlines will often state that a delay is out of  their hands. That's where come in, we can dispute what the airline says and have helped thousands of passengers that have been refused flight delay compensation directly from the airline.
In its latest attempt to inconvenience passengers, Ryanair tweaked its terms and conditions and now claim that disputes regarding flight delay compensation are now under Irish law.
If the court does rule in favour of the airline, will still be fighting for passengers in their quest to be compensated for their flight delay of 3 or more hours.