American Airlines

What were you thinking? Disabled boy 'hounded' off a flight because his therapy dog was too big.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

American Airlines
A disabled boy and his therapy pet were removed from a flight prior to the weekend of thanksgiving. 
Although the boy's family had been granted permission to fly with the 110-pound therapy pooch, in a woof move, the airline stated at the time of boarding that the pet hound was too big to fly.
The devastated family were travelling back from a short vacation hoping to make a family thanksgiving meal.
The missed connection flight meant that the family and the therapy pet missed their thanksgiving plans.
The airline in question offered the family $150 in compensation. However, this is not a concern for the family, who are more concerned with the fact that American airlines staff failed to show compassion to the 12-year-old boy with epilepsy and who is prone to seizures.
Therapy pets are becoming increasingly popular in particular in the US. There have been cases of therapy turkeys and pigs. It is understood the therapy turkey was a little nervous flying over the Thanksgiving period.