Goat to be kidding

You've goat to be kidding. Gidget the kid suffers flight delay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Goat to be kiddingA three-month-old goat suffered a flight delay on its way to its new home. Gidget the kid’s flight was forced to return to the airport it had departed due to bad weather conditions. 
The kid was a Christmas present and is set to live her days as a pet on a farm in Newfoundland. Gidget’s flight was delayed due to bad weather.
The bad weather meant that the flight had to return to the airport it had taken off from.
The flight delay left the staff at the airport with a dilemma. Gidget original handler was unable to get back to the airport to collect her as it was a four-hour drive.
A quick thinking member of airline staff quickly arranged for Gidget to be taken to a nearby Metro animal emergency clinic. Gidget spent the night there before traveling the next day without a flight delay.
Airlines have a duty of care for its passengers when they suffer flight delays and compensation but this airline took things to the next level.
If you have had a flight delayed by 3 or more hours in the last 6 years, contact Flight-Delayed.com.