This flight attendant has seen more flight delays than some airlines

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Graphic of a female flight attendant
Bette Nash is no ordinary flight attendant. She has been working longer than some airlines have existed and has seen more flight delays than most airlines. And at 80 years old, Ms. Nash has every intention of delaying her retirement for as long as possible. 
For almost 60 years, Bette Nash has served passengers travelling on American Airlines and has seen many dramatic changes to the air travel industry.
Bette began working for the airline at the tender age of 21, back then American Airlines was known as Eastern Airlines and you could smoke on board the flight.
Ms. Nash was initially attracted to the role due to the glamour of taking to the skies. At the time, flying was seen as glamorous as taking a holiday itself.
The year Bette began to serve passengers, you could walk right up to the gate and purchase a ticket for just $12, to think you can pay more than that for APD these days.
Despite drastic changes in technology, Bette has adapted by taking things one day at a time and still enjoys her daily route from Washington National to Boston Logan, reportedly greeting regular passengers like old friends with a hug.
Health permitting, the octogenarian has no intention of retiring anytime soon.
As reported by the mail online, she said, “ Why not work? It is still fun.”
“I am holding out for at least my Diamond Jubilee”
One can only begin to imagine how many times Bette Nash has had a flight delayed by three or more hours.