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No more flight delays caused by strikes according to major German airline

Thursday, December 29, 2016

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According to the CEO of a major German airline, 2017 will be the year without flight delays caused by industrial action.
This is particularly a bold statement as this came directly from Carsten Spohr, the current boss of Lufthansa. This airline has experienced thousands of minutes in delays due to strike action in 2016.
To avoid repeats of this year, Mr.Spohr said that the airline would make use of independent mediation during ongoing and future disputes.

Delays and cancellations

In November alone, the airline lost in excess of 100 million euros due to delayed and cancelled flights, that have seen thousands of passengers travel plans disrupted. The ongoing disputes involve the airline's pilots and their demands for increased wages.
The standoff came as the airline states that its pilots are already among the best paid in Europe.

Flight delay compensation

Have you had to deal with a delay of more than three hours or have you arrived more than two hours late at your destination after a cancellation by the strike of Lufthansa pilots? Perhaps you are entitled to compensation.