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Quarrelling couple cause flight diversion

Thursday, November 9, 2017

On the 5th of November, a Qatar flight operating from Doha to Bali got diverted to Chennai (India) after a pretty remarkable incident. A drunken passenger namely uncovered that her boyfriend was having an affair, all this while being mid-air. As the couple was not able to calm down, the captain opted to make an abrupt landing.

With the man sound asleep, the girlfriend used his fingerprint to unlock the phone, go through this and ultimately read the compromising conversations. The arguing then quickly ensued with the woman repeatedly hitting the man after finding out about his infidelity. Neither of them were able to keep their composure and, allegedly, even started attacking the cabin crew.

Upon arriving in Chennai, together with their child, the couple had to go to the airport’s detention centre to cool down and sober up. Qatar Airways is declining to comment as to protect the family’s anonymity.