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Flight delayed due to drunken pilot!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

One very peculiar problem occurred on 15 of August when a Finnair worker presented himself for duty under the influence of alcohol. You’ve guessed it, it was the pilot.

Finnair confirmed that on 15 August, one of its flights was delayed by more than an hour as a result of one of its employees being drunk. Later, it was confirmed that it had been the pilot of the scheduled flight. The company stated that other crew members decided to contact and ask the authorities to administer a blood alcohol concentration level test to their colleague. The results demonstrated that the pilot was in fact inebriated.

Finnair made clear that the pilot did not have access to the airplane and that he was not permitted to access the cockpit.

Delayed flight compensation due to a problem with the crew

Passengers delayed by the drunken pilot could not claim compensation. The reason? The duration of the delay. Indeed, European Regulation 261/2004 stipulates that only delays of more than three hours are eligible for compensation. Other conditions also play a role when claiming compensation for your flight’s delay or cancellation. We here at Flight-Delayed.com will check them for you and take care of the whole ordeal if you wish to submit your claim with us.

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Sanction for drunkenness and safety

Finnair indicated that this case of drunkenness was very rare and decided to launch an investigation. The company also reported that it has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use for its staff to ensure passenger safety. Termination of employment will most likely follow, said the company.

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