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The CAA will take action against Ryanair due to compensation regarding strikes

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Last summer, Ryanair suffered their worst staff strikes yet. Hundreds of flights were cancelled because of the industrial actions and passengers flying to and from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands were left stranded.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled due to a strike are entitled to compensation according to the CAA

Ryanair has been rejecting all these passengers’ claims for compensation arguing that crew strikes should be considered an extraordinary circumstance. In recent times, courts in Spain and Germany have ruled in favour of Ryanair’s argument. However, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has explicitly stated that passengers whose flights have been cancelled due to these strikes are entitled to compensation.

Ryanair crew strikes have also affected Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and France over the summer.

Several groups focused on defending consumer rights have welcomed the news. They also announced their satisfaction with the CAA’s action and commended the institution for protecting passengers and their rights.

Ryanair has to pay compensation to passengers affected by crew strike

Ryanair ends its affiliation with Aviation ADR

Ryanair informed the CAA that it was cutting ties with Aviation ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), a mediation scheme that allowed passengers to escalate their claims if rejected by Ryanair. It seems most likely that legal action will be required to enforce passengers’ rights when claiming compensation for a Ryanair cancelled flight due to a strike.

Regarding other countries, it is probable that this specific situation will be raised to the European Court of Justice by a national judge and not until then will the ECJ have to rule on a case regarding such flights. If this were to be the scenario, other European countries would have to follow suit and inform Ryanair that the airline has to, in fact, award compensation to the passengers whose flights have been disrupted by a staff strike.

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