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Lifetime ban for drunken passengers on Jet2 flights

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A drunken passenger who screamed on a Jet2 flight "we are all going to ..." has a 6-month prison sentence and a lifetime ban on Jet2 flights after threatening the crew. Due to the behaviour of the passenger, the flight had to be diverted to an alternative destination. Phil Ward, the director of Jet2, said emphatically that at Jet 2 "we will not tolerate this kind of shameful behaviour under any circumstances".

Drunk passengers won't be able to fly anymore

drunken passengers will not fly on Jet2 flights ever again

A 41-year-old drunken woman behaves badly on the flight from Tenerife to the East Midlands throwing punches into the air, kicking the chair in front of her, where an autistic girl was sat, and shouting "we're all going to die". When she was denied more alcohol, she took a bottle out of her own bag and continued her party. An off-duty policeman sat next to her to keep her under control until the flight could land. The woman was arrested in the East Midlands and had to appear in court afterwards, where it was decided that she should be imprisoned for 6 months and should not fly in Jet2 for the rest of her life.

Here at, we condemn this type of behaviour and applaud the actions taken by Jet2.

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