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Are the passengers on the BA flight that mistakenly landed in Edinburgh owed compensation?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

You’ve probably heard about the infamous British Airways flight that took off from London City Airport direction Dusseldorf but somehow managed to land at Edinburgh airport instead. Sounds crazy, we know. But it happened. Indeed, BA3271 arrived wrongfully at a different destination than what was stated on the passengers’ booking.

Sophie Cook, 24, was on this flight and informed the BBC that the passengers initially thought the pilot was joking when he announced that he had landed in Edinburgh. When he finally asked which passengers on board had expected to land in Düsseldorf, all their guests raised their hands. The pilot said he had no idea how this could happen. According to Cook's stories, the passengers had to wait two and a half hours on the plane in Edinburgh until they were finally taken to Düsseldorf.

Passengers on flight BA3271 are entitled to compensation

The flight was scheduled to land in Düsseldorf at 9:40 am. According to a Düsseldorf airport spokesman, the plane landed at its scheduled destination at around 13:00. This is equivalent to a flight delay of more than 3 hours. This means that passengers are entitled to compensation of 250 euros.

BA flight that landed in Edinburgh grants you compensation claim now

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Ryanair pokes fun at British Airways for the mistake

After the small incident, Ryanair decided to stir up the social networks a bit by sharing a tweet that reads as follows:

The joke worked perfectly. However, several users decided to remind Ryanair that they could also benefit from books such as Customer Service for Dummies, Labor Law for Dummies, etc. Some others also reminded the company that they too have flown to the wrong destination and that, finally, this problem is not about geography but navigation. We are pleased to see that airlines and passengers maintain a healthy sense of humour in these times.

British Airways states that the plane ended up in Edinburgh due to a mistake when the paperwork was submitted

One of the companies that operate flights for British Airways, WDL, is responsible for this mistake. The issue originated from a mistake made when submitting the flight’s route and schedule. Apparently, it happened because the person in charge of submitting the paperwork saw that the plane’s previous schedule had involved the route from London to Edinburgh and assumed that the plane had to operate the same route. Finally, the safety of the passengers was never compromised.

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