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Rude passenger charged £85,000 after causing a flight diversion

Monday, July 22, 2019

A Jet2 flight that had departed from London Stansted had to be diverted back after a disorderly passenger allegedly tried to open the jet’s doors during the flight. The flight was heading to Dalaman in Turkey.

Although the reasons for the aggressive and dangerous behaviour are still unknown, it is known that the Royal Air Force was forced to dispatch two fighter jets in order for the Jet2 flight to be escorted back to London Stansted. Inside the cabin, crew and other passengers were involved in restraining the abusive passenger.

In a statement released by Jet2, the company stated that not only they handed a lifetime ban to the passenger but they have also issued her an invoice for the costs they incurred in due to the diversion of the flight. The total amount: £85,000.

Jet 2 diversion costs passenger 85 thousand pounds

The CEO of, Steve Heapy, said: “Miss Haines’ behaviour was one of the most serious cases of disruptive passenger behaviour that we have experienced. She must now face up to the consequences of her actions, and we will vigorously pursue to recover the costs that we incurred as a result of this divert, as we do with all disruptive passengers. As a family-friendly airline, we take an absolutely zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour, and we hope that this sobering incident, with its very serious consequences, provides a stark warning to others who think that they can behave in this fashion”.

The professionalism with which the personnel from Jet2 acted in order to keep all passengers safe is more than commendable.

Can you claim compensation for a flight diversion?

Although the abovementioned flight was, without a doubt, disrupted by an extraordinary circumstance, you can actually claim compensation if your flight has been diverted to a different destination due to operational problems or if it has been delayed or cancelled. You may be entitled to up to 600 euros (according to EU regulations) in compensation. Check your flight for free with our claim calculator and find out immediately if you can claim!

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