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Qatar Airways shows interest in Lufthansa stake – Lufthansa not interested in being “nationalized in Qatar”

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Qatar Airways is an airline based in the independent Middle Eastern state Qatar. Currently, it operates under 232 aircraft, flying to 160 destinations across 58 countries. Additionally, it holds stakes in several other airlines such as Meridiana, the International Airlines Group (IAG), LATAM and Cathay Pacific.

The airline significantly owns the largest stake in IAG, of which British which is also part of the Oneworld Alliance, in which Qatar Airways is also a member. However, last year the airline carrier threatened to leave the alliance as its attention was elsewhere.

Recently, the Qatar air carrier has expressed interest in investing in the German airline Lufthansa. An airline representative claimed that “if there is an opportunity to invest in Lufthansa, we would like to do it”, suggesting a possible interest in the airline’s stake.

Why is Qatar Airways interested in Lufthansa?

The Middle Eastern airline already owns a large fraction of stakes in various different airlines, most of it within British Airways. Qatar Airways had earlier this year announced that it was interested in investing in another airline. However, at the time it was unclear who the airline had their eye on.

What Al Baker said regarding the interest in Lufthansa

The CEO of the Middle Eastern airline reasoned his interest by claiming that “Germany is a very important country for us, both in terms of air transport services and in terms of the development of tourism”. When questioned about the future of Qatar Airways within Oneworld, Baker commented that “we have said several times that we will leave Oneworld”.

Lufthansa shows a cold shoulder and rejects all claims

Lufthansa rejects offer from Qatar Airways

Lufthansa did not seem thrilled at the claims made by Qatar Airways and expressed that: “we did not have Lufthansa privatized in Germany to have it nationalized in Qatar.” Sending a clear message to Qatar Airways, Lufthansa therefore quite quickly shot down all speculations about the possible investment within its airline.

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