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Ryanair claims to be most eco-friendly airline

Thursday, February 20, 2020

In a previously published press release, Ryanair claimed to have the “lowest carbon emissions of any major airline”. The airline was named one of the 10 most environmentally damaging companies in Europe in an EU report last year directly contradicting what company presented as fact, making this statement a big sensation. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has now banned Ryanair's advertising campaign.

According to the authority, the campaign that was launched in September 2019 was spreading ‘misleading’ information regarding the air carrier’s CO2 emissions.

‘Misleading information’

A report by the European Commission recently proved that Ryanair is number 10 amongst the most environmentally damaging businesses in Europe. The data was reviewed by experts after publication and it was found that only coal-fired power stations emit more CO2 than the airline. For clarification, the next airline in the ranking is on number 35.

Ryanair press release based on an unprofessional study

The study, on which Ryanair's press release is based, compares the passenger per kilometres flown of different airlines with each other and thus aims to prove that Ryanair is the most environmentally friendly airline in Europe. However, a few things should be taken into account to clarify how credible this study is. First of all, you can never compare arbitrary flights with each other, but only flights on the same route and at the same altitude

Ryanair tries to trick the facts

Most importantly, by evidence and factual proof, Ryanair is not more environmentally friendly just because they carry more passengers. In its study, the airline wants to prove its eco-friendliness by showing that it emits less CO2 per person per kilometre flown than its competitors. The value is generally lowered the more passengers are carried. Ryanair is known for placing as many people as possible in a single aircraft which in principle is the only more environmentally friendly alternative rather than using fewer aircraft. The air carrier uses this as a strategy in order to offer cheap flights but still be able to use even more planes. The low amount of CO2 is therefore only evident due to the fact that the airline carries the most passengers in Europe. In search of valid and reliable figures, it is, of course, the total emissions that should be considered with more importance rather than passengers per kilometre flown between different airlines.

The ASA comments on Ryanair’s campaign

After reviewing the content, the ASA decided that the “ads must not appear again in their current forms”, banning Ryanair from using the information in the same way in their advertising. Furthermore, the agency that is responsible to review all adverts produced and shown in the UK claimed it had contacted Ryanair and advised to “ensure that when making environmental claims, they had substantial evidence to substantiate them and to ensure the basis of those claims were made clear”.

Ryanair “disappointed and surprised” at ASA ruling

Ryanair surprised at ASA ban of campaign

The airline claimed it could not understand accusations that it had produced and shared ‘misleading’ information. It said it was “disappointed and surprised” at the claims of the Advertising regulatory body and only further assures it was the ‘greenest’ airline in Europe. The airline then further explained that the campaign had aired in 10 other countries across Europe and that it was successful and they had not heard anything from other countries regarding this matter.

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