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EasyJet claims it can survive whilst all of its fleet is grounded

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lately, the British airline had decided to ground its fleet as travel restrictions were extended and countries were closing its borders. However, instead of tourism travel EasyJet is now helping with repatriation flights as thousands of Brits are still stranded abroad.

Uncertainty about EasyJet’s survival at first

Amidst travel restrictions and increasingly lower demand for air travel over the past few weeks many airlines have taken measures to adapt to a challenging time for the entire travel industry.

The British air carrier had then requested state aid as uncertainty grew whether the airline would survive the financial loss it was due to make.

EasyJet announces it can survive travel bans and reduced demand in the upcoming months

easyJet claims it can survive whilst all of its fleet is grounded

The airline has announced it could survive the next 9 months due to its forward planning and the measures it had taken to for slow future recovery. Although, Chief Executre Lundgren does not expect travel bans to last this long he says the airline has put preparations in place so that it would stay profitable for the next nine months. In other words, the airline is able to survive the next few months without needing state aid.

Measures EasyJet is taking to adapt to the coronavirus crisis

The airline is taking measures to adapt to the crisis and the financial deficit is making. It has already started to reduce its fleet to reduce spending costs and when travels bans are lifted will operate with reduced capacity. Additionally, the airline is considering to sell and leaseback aircraft in order to make some extra cash.

Future travel could include empty middle seats on EasyJet flights

What the air carrier has also announced is that if travel were to pick up again it would operate with reduced loading capacity. In detail, this means that it is considering leaving the middle seat empty in order to promote social distancing between passengers.

EasyJet flight cancellations, what to do now?

Passengers who’ve booked tickets with EasyJet and whose flights have been cancelled are entitled to the full refund of their bookings as per Regulation EC 261/2004. Some airlines, amongst them EasyJet, may not be complying strictly with the regulation. However, they will offer you a travel credit or vouchers for you to fly with them on a posterior date. Passengers will have to pay for the difference in fare, something that has angered many customers and consumer rights organisations, Flight-Delayed included.

EasyJet has told the BBC that "customers on cancelled flights can transfer to an alternative flight free of charge or receive a voucher for the value of their booking online or claim a refund through our contact centre.”

If your flight has been affected, we recommend that you contact the airline as soon as possible.

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