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How Yource uses AI to enforce Passenger Rights

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Yource uses Artificial Intelligence to help air passengers enforce their rights reliably and easily.

Amsterdam, 10th November 2020 - According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, passengers who are affected by a flight delay of more than 3 hours or by a flight cancellation can claim up to 600 euros compensation, in case the airline is responsible for the reason of the flight disruption. It is often difficult for passengers to assess the responsibility of the airline or to even learn what the exact circumstances of their delay or cancellation were as well as to understand when they are actually entitled to compensation. In these cases, it is useful for passengers to reach out for professional assistance. Legal tech companies, such as Yource with its local domains in nine European countries, e.g. Flight-delayed.co.uk, provide help in successfully enforcing passenger rights. Due to an automated system that tracks and gathers flight data, weather information and information on previous issues, such as technical problems, with aircrafts from all around the globe, the probability of successfully claiming compensation or a refund increases drastically when compared to passengers trying to analyse all circumstances and filing their claim without help.

Passenger claims without help Flight-delayed.co.uk

Using Artificial Intelligence to calculate the probability of a successful claim

The most interesting fact is, that Artificial Intelligence allows Yource to analyse the probability of a successful claim within seconds. “Our system automatically tracks all airport disruptions, weather data and incidents, e.g. on aircrafts, from all around the globe. This data helps us to determine the exact circumstances of a flight disruption and the probability of successfully claiming compensation or a refund for affected passengers”, explains Mario Wester, CTO of Yource.

Passengers are often not aware of all the circumstances that can lead to a flight disruption, e.g. previous delays of an aircraft due to technical difficulties. Gathering as much information as possible can therefore lead to previously unknown proof that an airline is obligated to pay their customers compensation based on the EU Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. It is also crucial to understand that some aircrafts are more likely to cause flight disruptions than others. As a legal tech scale-up, the focus of Yource is to create a database that includes any possible circumstances that could lead to a flight disruption and use this information as a basis to successfully help passengers in claiming their compensation or refunds.

Passenger claims with the help of Yource Flight-delayed.co.uk

How Artificial Intelligence benefits air passengers

“The collected information is used by our system to analyse thousands of claims each day. To manually gather all the data surrounding a flight disruption and analyse all circumstances can take up to 10 hours per claim. Our system allows us to carry out the same task within seconds”, says Mario Wester from Yource. Using Artificial Intelligence to gather data and analyse claims gives legal tech companies, such as Yource a big advantage compared to individual passengers or lawyers who manually assess claims and prepare these cases for further steps. As Yource combines all of these different data sources, the scale-up knows exactly in which cases passengers are entitled to a compensation or a refund. Using this technique allows Yource to calculate the exact probability of successfully claiming compensation or a refund in just a matter of seconds.

If the chances of being successful are high enough, Yource will move forward with their claiming process much quicker than an individual passenger or even a lawyer would be able to. Through the combination of an intelligent system as well as a competent team of lawyers form nine European countries, Yource knows exactly in which cases an airline is responsible for a flight delay or cancellation and therefore is bound by EU Law to compensate their passengers for this flight disruption. Claims submitted with the legal tech scale-up therefore have a higher chance of success and passengers are guaranteed a stress-free experience as the passenger rights specialist will take care of the entire claiming process from contacting the airline to any form of legal proceedings until the desired result is achieved.

Filing a claim with Yource / Flight-delayed.co.uk

In the event of a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking, we will gladly help you to enforce your rights with the airline. Flight-delayed.co.uk works according to the motto "No win, no fee". This means that we only charge a commission of 25% on the enforced amount in case of success - otherwise the service is free of charge for you! With the help of our claim calculator you can find out in just a few minutes, free of charge and without obligation, how much compensation you are entitled to. You are entitled to compensation or a refund for up to three years after the flight:

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