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Eurowings pilots strike in Germany — passengers can claim flight compensation!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

After a strike earlier this month, news arrived that pilots from the German airline Eurowings are planning on striking again for 3 days from Monday October 17 until Wednesday October 19.

Former strike actions caused a lot of Eurowings flight delays and cancellations but, it remains unclear how many flights could be impacted during those 3 days. If you were planning on flying with Eurowings this Thursday and your flight was delayed or cancelled, you could claim flight compensation and get up to £520 per passenger! 

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German Eurowings pilot strike — what are they fighting for?

This is not the first time this year that Eurowings pilots have been asking for better work conditions. After more than 10 rounds of negotiations over the same demands — more days off and longer rest periods, amongst other things — the pilots’ union Cockpit and the airline still did not manage to come to an agreement.

A reminder that Eurowings is a subsidiary airline from Lufthansa, which also underwent strikes in Germany this summer.


Will my Eurowings flight be impacted by the pilot strike?

We know that Eurowings German pilots are planning on striking again from Monday until Wednesday, October 19.

Each european airport will be impacted differently by the strike:

  • Lots of Eurowings flights are likely to be cancelled from Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Flights from and to Hamburg and Stuttgart on Eurowings have already been cancelled at Schiphol.
  • Majorca, Stockholm, and Prague airports won't be affected by the Eurowings German strike as they are mainly served by Eurowings Austria.

Was your Eurowings flight cancelled due to the German pilots strike?

Receive flight compensation up to £520 per passenger! 

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What to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled due to the German Eurowings pilot strike?

If your Eurowings flight was delayed or cancelled because of the German pilot strike, you should claim flight compensation under European regulation (EU261).

This regulation states that you are entitled to Eurowings flight compensation if:

  • Your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours upon arrival
  • Your flight was cancelled fewer than 14 days before departure

Does your situation regarding your Eurowings German flight match one of those criteria?

Then you are entitled to flight compensation up to £520 per passenger! 

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How to claim flight compensation for my delayed or cancelled Eurowings flight?

You can directly claim online with Flight-Delayed.com — you’d benefit from our 10 years of experience defending air passengers' rights!

After submitting your claim, our team of experts will take care of your entire claim process! From analysing your claim, drafting and writing all legal documents, getting in touch with the airline, and if needed, we can even defend your rights in court. No win, no fee. 

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