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TAP Air Portugal on a 2-day strike in December

Thursday, November 24, 2022

The winter holiday season in Portugal will start with a bang, but not the one expected. TAP Air Portugal cabin crew announced their will to strike on December 8th and 9th following an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate their contracts. TAP is reported to have already cancelled hundreds of flights in the two days.

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TAP Air Portugal strike — hundreds of cancelled flights on 8 & 9 December

Since the cabin crew union announced their will to strike on December 8th & 9th, hundreds of TAP Air Portugal flights were already cancelled. The airline asked the passengers to rebook their flights to another date to avoid further inconvenience during the TAP strike days.

The TAP cabin crew strike is happening because of an unsuccessful negotiation of their new contracts. According to the union, the management didn’t provide a good enough proposal regarding the high workload, low wages, staff shortages and insufficient breaks between flights.

Flight cancelled because of the TAP Air Portugal strike — can I claim flight compensation?

According to the European Flight Compensation Regulation (EU261), passengers can claim flight compensation for cancelled flights when the cancellation was announced fewer than 14 days before departure and the airline was responsible for the cancellation.

When it comes to the TAP strike, the airline announced the cancellation of its flights on November 24th, so exactly 2 weeks before the strike should start. Therefore, passengers who received the cancellation notice on that day, are, unfortunately, not entitled to flight compensation. However, these passengers can claim a refund for their TAP ticket.

Have you received your cancellation notice later than the 24th of November? Then there is a chance you can claim flight compensation for your cancelled TAP flight!

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TAP Air Portugal strike — how to ask for a ticket refund?

Was your TAP flight cancelled because of the strike and you don’t want to travel with the airline on another day? Then you can ask for a ticket refund.

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Don’t accept TAP Air Portugal vouchers instead of the full monetary refund of your flight ticket! These vouchers usually come with rather short expiry dates, and should the airline go bankrupt, you might have problems getting your money back.

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