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British Airways Hit By Major IT Failure: Passengers Eligible for Compensation

Friday, May 26, 2023

In an unprecedented turn of events, British Airways passengers face substantial disruptions due to a catastrophic IT failure, with many now eligible for compensation and refunds. Passengers can claim up to £520 per passenger in compensation.

British Airways IT failure — what happened?

British Airways experienced a significant IT failure on 25th May 2023, leading to the cancellation of more than 50 flights, predominantly from London Heathrow Airport. The airline cited technical issues as the cause of the disruption, with their IT systems failing to function as required.

In their statement regarding the technical issues, they wrote: “We’re aware of a technical issue, which we have been working hard to fix,” and suggested air passengers in the next 24 hours check the status of their flights and only contact them if their flight is due within 48 hours.

Despite their efforts to restore the service, many passengers were left frustrated and helpless as they experienced long waiting times at the airport, and many were forced to change their travel plans at short notice. British Airways apologised for the incident and promised to help affected passengers rebook their flights or receive a refund.

Get compensation for your cancelled British Airways flight

Under the British air passenger rights regulations, passengers are entitled to compensation for British Airways flight cancellations or delays over three hours, provided the disruption was within the airline's control. In this instance, the IT failure squarely falls within British Airways' responsibility, making affected passengers eligible for compensation.

Passengers who suffered from a cancelled or delayed British Airways flight due to the IT failure can claim compensation up to £520, depending on the flight distance criteria listed below. Importantly, this is over and above the reimbursement of ticket costs or an alternative flight offered by the airline.

  • For flights shorter than 1,500 km, the compensation is £220.

  • For flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km, the compensation is £350.

  • For flights of over 1,500 kilometres within the EU, the compensation is also £350.

  • For flights of over 3,500 kilometres outside of the EU, the compensation is £520 —but if your flight was delayed by fewer than 4 hours, the total amount might be reduced by 50%.

Don’t accept British Airways travel vouchers!

While it may be tempting to accept the travel vouchers British Airways may offer as compensation, it's vital to remember that passengers are entitled to cash compensation. A travel voucher does not fulfil the airline's obligations under British law.

Therefore, it's crucial to reject any offers of travel vouchers or discounts in lieu of the rightful cash compensation. Not only do these vouchers often come with restrictions and expiry dates, but they also may not provide the full value of the compensation you're legally entitled to.

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News source: The Guardian