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“volo in ritardo” ma rimborso in orario !!! Ottima organizzazione complimenti!!!

Procedura di rimborso gestita con professionalità e puntualità.

Grazie della colaborazione. Mi sono rivolta per prima volta. Nonestante che non credeva nessuno, abiamo vinta. Sodisfatissina!!!

Last May we had a 5.5 hour delay at Barcelona Airport. I tried contacting the airline (TAP) with my claim but with no results. I had almost given up when I came across Flight Delayed. I sent all the info and one month later I was informed that they had my compensation (500 eur, less 25%) ready to be transferred to my account. I guess the times depend on each airline, but I was gladly surprise by their effectiveness. Everything is done by email, very easy and comfortable! I am recommending this service to all of my friends.

6 weeks start to finish for claim for a delay from Dubai £480.00 received fantastic work from these guys many thanks

Flight Delayed worked out a compensation successfully with BA. It was rejected initially when I approached BA directly.