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How to claim compensation if your Austrian Airlines flight has been delayed or cancelled


If you were travelling from or in Europe, or even to Europe from anywhere with a European airline, your rights are protected by EU regulations. Specifically, Regulation EC 261/2004. It’s based on what is set on said regulation that you can claim compensation for the time you’ve lost due to your flight having been delayed, cancelled or if you’ve been denied boarding due to an overbooking.


What are my rights when flying with Austrian Airlines?


Because Austrian Airlines are registered as a European carrier, your rights are covered in every single one of their flights. As a passenger of Austrian, you have two main rights regarding the disruption of your flight: To be taken care of in the even of long delays and to receive compensation.


When am I entitled to receive compensation?


In order to first be able to claim said compensation, your route must apply according to the regulation. However, if you were flying with Austrian, then they will have to acknowledge your rights always. Furthermore, you’ll be entitled to compensation if the reason for your flight’s delay or cancellation can’t be considered an extraordinary circumstance. Below you’ll find a more in-depth explanation regarding the conditions that must be met.


Conditions that apply when claiming compensation from Austrian Airlines:


  • The flight route: The European Regulation states that when the flight is operated by a European airline (like Austrian), you can claim compensation as long as your flight takes off and/or arrives at an airport in Europe.
  • Circumstances: The European Regulation states that in order to claim compensation for a flight delay, cancellation or incident of denied boarding; the disruption must not have been a result of any extraordinary circumstances.
  • The deadline for claiming compensation: in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is possible to claim compensation for up to 6 years after the date of the flight. The timeframe varies depending on the European country.
  • Total time of delay: You must have arrived at your final destination with a delay greater than three hours (two if your flight has been cancelled) in order to be eligible for receiving compensation.


Passenger assistance and care in case of a long delay or cancellation:


Austrian Airlines should provide you with the corresponding care in the event of a long delay or flight cancellation. This may include the following


  • Meals and drinks
  • Two different occasions in which you are allowed to establish communication with an individual of your choice (calls, emails, etc.)
  • Hotel accommodations if necessary (one or more nights) and transport from the airport to the hotel


If you do not receive this kind of assistance and you are obliged to incur in extra expenses, you have the right to be reimbursed. So remember to keep your itemised invoices and receipts. Your request for reimbursement may also be attached to the claim for compensation.


How much money can I get if Austrian Airlines delayed or cancelled my flight?


The answer to this questions is quite straight forward. It depends on the distance you were travelling. The amount of compensation is set by EC Regulation 261/2004 and is defined by the flight’s itinerary and the distance between the airport of departure and arrival. This takes into account the whole trip, including connecting flights. So the distance between your initial airport of departure and your final destination will determine the amount of compensation you may receive:

the compensation you can receive for an Austrian flight delay or cancellation

  • For all flights covering a distance of up to 1,500 kilometres, you will receive up to £224.00
  • For all flights covering a distance between 1,500 kilometres and 3,500 kilometres, you will receive up to £358.00
  • For flights covering a distance greater than 3,500 kilometres, you are entitled to up to £538.00


Please be advised that if your flight travelled a distance greater than 3,500 kilometres and it was delayed more than 3 hours but fewer than 4, then the amount of compensation is reduced by half. The total amounts are defined in euros in the regulation and are the following: €250,  €400 and €600.


Here’s all you need to know on how to claim compensation from Austrian Airlines


These are our top recommendations and things to keep in mind when being affected by an Austrian disruption:


Keep a copy of your travel documents


  • Flight documents (boarding pass, booking confirmation, e-ticket, delay statement, etc.)
  • Receipts for additional costs (e.g. taxi, food and accommodation)


Save the information of your disrupted Austrian flight


  • Flight number
  • The flight schedule (arrival & departure hours)
  • Length of the delay (final departure and arrival time)


Try to find out the reason for the flight’s delay or cancellation


  • Ask Austrian’s staff and crew
  • Check the weather
  • Check if other flights are delayed or cancelled (arriving at or departing from the same airport)


Check your flight for free with our claim calculator


Enter the date and flight number of your Austrian flight in our claim calculator to see if you can claim compensation for your delay or cancellation. You will also find out immediately how much compensation you may receive.


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Claim your compensation from Austrian Airlines


If you want to maximise your probability of being compensated for your Austrian flight’s delay, cancellation or overbooking, you can let a specialised service, like Flight-Delayed, take care of the whole ordeal. Very often, airlines make the process as complicated as possible to scare away passengers claiming compensation. They also overuse the argument that a disruption has been caused by an extraordinary circumstance.


Fortunately, we have the right tools and databases to ensure that your rights are enforced and to fact-check the airlines. We will even take the airline to court if necessary and all of the costs will be covered by our 25% win fee. If you wish so, we will take care of everything and help you assert your rights!


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Austrian rejected your claim for compensation? We’ll take care of it


If you’re uncertain if your flight delay or cancellation qualifies, once you’ve submitted your claim our team of experts will verify the conditions and assess your situation. If your claim has already been rejected by Austrian, you can still submit your claim and our team will verify and corroborate the airline’s arguments. Very often they wrongly assess the situation and reject perfectly valid claims, so don’t give up so easily and don’t worry, we’re here to help you!


History of Austrian Airlines


The airline came to be as the result of the merger between two main airlines of Austria back in 1957, Air Austria and Austrian Airways. The latter was founded almost 100 years ago, so Austrian’s history can be traced back to 1923. The Austrian flag carrier was sold to Lufthansa Group by the Austrian government in 2009, but not only after having received permission by the European Commission. Since then, it has continued to operate flight to more than 100 destinations with a fleet of more than 80 aircraft.


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Very fast and professional, got my claim just over a month but then again the airline did tell us we can claim and gave us leaflets.

Really simple to use, and didn't take very long for my claim to be processed.

I wasn't very optimistic about using this service, but the from the outset the communication was excellent and the instructions were clear. The claim is all handled via email and the online service portal. The team are very quick to answer any questions you have while the airline is assessing your claim. In my case, I was awarded 225 Euros compensation, better than nothing and so glad I took the time and effort to get this money back! Thank you Flight-Delayed for your fantastic service.

Very good service claiming a compensate after a long delay from airline and we got the out compensate. Thank you very much ...

Successful claim against Jet 2 ! Took a while (4yrs) but glad to finally won !!

This company provide a very fast and efficient service with no fuss and they took a fair amount of commission with no extra hidden charges. Extremely pleased with them.

i have had great help with the flight delayed trip thankyou very much to u and team

Very good Service for claming Money from Airline companies if you had a Problem like more than 3hrs delay, cancellations without reason. For my case, Airline rejected my Claim via customer Service but after i used this site it took only 4 weeks from Claim to confirmation for compensation. it's very easy to fill out the form to Claim and they answer/help right away. you should try with this even though Airline already refused to pay you with several reason.

It's taken 12 months to extract compensation from Ryanair, purely down to the pathetic customer service on the part of the Irish Airline. Will never use them again as they use every tactic in the book not to pay out, and even though they have now settled conversation rate 1.40, as opposed to commercial rate of 1,31. Many thanks to Flight-Delayed for their excellent support. Well worth 25% cut to get justice done. Highly recommended.

Just over three hours delay last year to Crete contacted this company, they sorted the claim and with in a few weeks Monet transferred into my account. fantastic service. Thank you

Didn't expect result But cash son it's way to.me. Thank you. Great company

What an excellent service , after trying for almost a year to claim compensation for a 5 hour delay in which we were kept inside the cabin with nothing to eat or drink i contacted this company and within 6 weeks I have recieved full compensation minus their 25% which I am happy to pay as I had given up. thanks again to the staff for all your communication and work to complete this. cannot recommend you enough

Just got our cempensation thanks to the team at flight delay very easy process, kept informed as to how the claim was going

Very good service to use for claiming money from the airline companies due to a long delays or cancellations for no reason or no explanation! I had no idea it is even possible, but I filled their forms and did not need to pay a thing for it. They claimed 800 euros for 2 passengers and all they took was their commission fee from the claimed price for their work which is the way it should be. They managed to get the money within a month or so.

My plane was delayed for over seven hours on a UK flight from Newquay to Manchester. I contacted Flight Delay and they quickly completed my claim without any fuss. I have received £195.62 minus a 25% charge, I actually received £145.07. All this took approx 5 weeks from beginning of claim to having payment into bank. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and thank you flight-delayed

Ryanair left us delayed at Knock Airport for over 4 hours. Not just inconvenient but annoyingly cost us an extra £23 airport parking which we could not reclaim. Although not a "serial complainer", saw the Flight Delayed Website and thought "why not?". So glad I did. Efficient and professional organisation that made it an easy process resulting in €300 for us and €100 for them and a "heads up" for Ryanair. Perfect.

What a nice surprise, cheque for delayed flight dropped through the letterbox. Asked flight delayed to do the work for me and a few emails and a few months later I received the cheque for over £600. Minus their 25% which I do not begrudge as if they hadn't done the work for me I would never have got anything. Also thanks to Martin Lewis for making me aware I could claim. Thanks delayed flights I will certainly recommend you.

Very helpful, I got a lot back. I also hope anybody who ever got flight delayed, don't lose your right! It didn't take me a lot of effort to submit the materials, they can help you.

Great service, very easy process and friendly team to deal with - answered questions quickly and through the online tool I was able to track the progress of our claim. Everything has been handled really well and I would happily recommend the Flight-Delayed team to help you with your claim.

My plane was over three hours late getting back to Manchester due to delays. I contacted Flight Delay and they got me £199 (minus 25% for their fee) for the delay. It took less than an hours work from me to fill out a form and give them my power of attorney. Six weeks later it was all sorted. Highly recommended!

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