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Flight-Delayed receives international media attention

February has so far been a busy month for Flight-Delayed. After sending out our research report on the change in behaviour by airlines three months after the ruling of the European Court of Justice regarding flight delay compensation (on 23 January 2013), we received a lot of media attention.Throughout the past six months, we have been collecting data from over 10.000 European passengers (from different countries). We were able to draw some interesting conclusions from all of our data, which we then used to compile a research report. Since the report included some remarkable statistics on the change in behaviour by airlines, we felt the information was of particular interest to passengers who have been travelling to and from the UK by plane.NewsWe therefore contacted some major British newspapers, such as the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, in order to see if our research results would spark their interest. What we couldn't have planned, is a retired teacher from Staffordshire winning a landmark court case that very same week. Mister Halsall was to become one of the first passengers in the UK to receive damages following the European court ruling in October. The court case resulted in a new wave of media interest, and consequently even more newspapers and websites published articles on the subject.After the articles were published, we experienced another flood of media attention. This ranged from a Swiss and an Italian newspaper, to an Australian and a Danish national television show! Additionally, after the article in the Daily Mail was published, Raymond Veldkamp (spokesman for gave live interviews on BBC radio West Midlands, BBC radio Stoke and BBC radio Coventry & Warwickshire.BBC_Radio_logoAll in all, the result was a lot of traffic on our website. But more importantly: it contributed to an increased level of awareness among travellers about their passenger rights! We are now more confident than ever that we can successfully assist UK flight passengers in fighting airlines for the compensation they are legally entitled to. 

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