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Richard Branson dresses up as flight attendant

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, recently lost a bet with hilarious consequences. Branson lost the bet to AirAsia top executive Tony Fernandes, on Formula 1 teams that the two moguls sponsor. The stakes: whoever lost the bet would have to serve as a flight attendant for the other's airline. Branson lost the bet, and had to serve on an AirAsia flight, dressed up in a charming red uniform.


Richard Branson lost a bet to AirAsia top executive Tony Fernandes. Both Virgin and AirAsia sponsor a Formula 1 team, but AirAsia's Team Lotus ranked better than Marussia Virgin. As a result, Branson had to serve as a flight attendant last week.

Richard Branson + flight attendant serves drinks

Richard Branson serves drinks on AirAsia flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.

Richard Branson assists passengers

Flight attendant Richard Branson feeds passengers on AirAsia flight.

Richard Branson shaves legs

Richard Branson shaves legs in order to be able to pass as an AirAsia flight attendant.

Air Asia richard-branson-

Tony Fernandes (AirAsia) with the company's latest addition: flight attendant Richard Branson.

Richard Branson as a flight attendant

Flight attendant Richard Branson waves passengers and crew goodbye on AirAsia flight.

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