Flight-Delayed's travel tip #5: Packing tips

Summer has begun and that means many are getting ready to go on their summer holidays. A magnificent prospect, especially considering that we haven't seen much of the sun yet in the UK and most other parts of Europe. But there's one downside to going on a holiday: you have to pack! And what better way to ruin your well-deserved vacation by forgetting that one essential item at home? So don't, and follow Flight-Delayed's packing tips.


Tip 1: Batteries and chargers. We don't often forget our phones and cameras, but what about the things necessary to power and charge them? Imagine not being able to capture all the beautiful imagery you will be running into at your tropical destination.. How on earth will you be able to make the folks back home jealous then? Also, have you thought about whether you will be able to plug your appliance into foreign sockets? An adapter will cost much less in your local electronics shop than it will in the tourist shop right on the beach!


Tip 2: Swimsuit. You would think this is the first thing people would pack, but you wouldn't be the first person to show up at their holiday destination without a swimsuit! Yours is probably at the back of your closet, having not been used since last year. So pack that baby up, because you won't want to spend your first day in a hot and sweaty shop.. And what does the beach you're going to look like? If it's a pebble or gravel beach, you'd better bring some appropriate footwear, because black and blue toenails are never a good look!

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Tip 3: Miniature travel containers. This one is mainly for the ladies among us. You want to at least bring 23 pairs of shoes for each week of your holiday, so your suitcase is bound to fill up pretty quickly.. What a waste of space and weight it would be to bring full-sized bottled of everything: shampoo, shower gel, lotion, cleanser, etcetera. So our tip: buy little travel containers and fill those with your necessary cosmetics, soaps and creams! That way, you'll only bring the amount you actually need, and with a bit of luck you'll even be able to bring a few extra items back that you picked up there.. By the way, do you know how much of every liquid you're allowed to bring with you in your carry-on luggage? Find out more about what you are and are not allowed to bring aboard the airplane. 


Tip 4: Your address book. Old-fashioned as it may sound, not everything has to be electronic, and sometimes old-fashioned is the way to go. Friends and family probably prefer getting a colourful postcard from you over getting a boring email, so bring your address book along with you on your holiday! That way, you can show them what beautiful scenery and sweeping vistas you're witnessing there (or the local pub, as it may be).

Tip 5: Cash in foreign currency. Most popular holiday destinations in Europe use Euros, but keep in mind that that's not the case for all EU countries! Did you know, for instance, that Hungary still uses the original currency called 'Forint'? You can exchange Pounds to different currencies while you're still in the UK, which may be a good idea for spare cash upon arrival. Because ATM's may not be as readily available where you're going, and also keep in mind that cash withdrawal rates may differ on foreign locations.


Tip 6: Holiday playlist. One more thing you will definitely need to bring: a playlist with all your favourite music to put you in the holiday spirit! This will come in handy both on your way to your holiday destination (hopefully not while delayed at the airport) and during your holiday. Many radio stations compile lists of summer classics, in case you need some inspiration. Perfect for lounging poolside!


And lastly: some inspiration for efficient packing:


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