A quick guide to travelling with kids easily and effortlessly

Travelling with kids can be hard work, but it doesn't always have to be. Don't let the start of your holiday be disrupted by unhappy children. If you're about to set off on your holiday and are stuck for ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained, then read on, we’ve got this one covered.


The best tips for when travelling with kids: 


Find your inner child:

Being a passenger as an adult is quite often tedious. Most of the time we will sleep but kids don't enjoy that same luxury all the time. Buzzing with excitement and with plenty adrenaline pumping, don’t expect them to be seated and calm throughout a flight. Remember what it was like for you as a child on long journeys? Before the days of so much handheld technology maybe? Feeling like you were going on an adventure. Well, this is no different, you’re going on an adventure, just this time you're the adult. Embrace the adventure of it all by taking their lead and letting go.

Embrace the tech: 

Travel games that required nothing more than the imagination are fast, if not already, becoming a thing of the past. No more countless hours of eye spy. As wholesome as games like that are, they can quickly wear thin when travelling with kids on a packed 8-hour flight. 

Thankfully, electronic tablets have been invented and Disney is still churning out animated films to keep those young minds occupied. This will give you the perfect opportunity to get some shut-eye as they watch their favourite film on repeat. Be sure to take with you the charger and some headphones, just because your kids enjoy a singalong it doesn't mean everybody else does, yourself included.

Keep the distractions fresh: 

Portable devices are not the be all and end all, they are useful granted, but they also have their limits. Take lots of little small gifts for the kids to open at different points. Colouring books, pencils and so on. A good one is to wrap up a disposable camera then they can capture their own memories. Even if most of them will be of the back of someone's head. Lots of small creature comforts and plenty of little snacks to nibble on is sure to keep them quiet for the majority of your journey.  NOTE: NON-sticky snacks - Nobody appreciates chocolate paw prints. 


Take plenty of child-friendly medicine: 

Think of as many different scenarios as you can and plan for them. That is the best advice even if your child is usually perfectly healthy. You want to be sure that you can get on top of any little infection or bug they might pick up.  

Top tips for when travelling with kids

Travelling with kids? Ask for a reduced fare

Not all airlines will offer it, but there is no harm in trying. Before you book your flight on their website, send an email asking about the availability of a reduced fare for children. It varies all around the world but some airlines do provide some sort of discount and/or assistance when travelling with kids. Most of them only apply for kids under the age of 11. 

Here's a list of Airlines that have offered reduced fares or free tickets for children under the age of 11 before:

  • British Airways
  • SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
  • Qatar Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Air Europa


Flying with toddlers? Here are some extra tips


Kids under the age of 2 should be allowed to fly for free or almost nothing. Some airlines will require you to pay for airport fares and taxes. Furthermore, inform the crew once you've arrived at the gate. Oftentimes they will let you board first and assist you with putting your hand luggage in the overhead compartments. It doesn't hurt to introduce yourself to your co-passengers and ensure them that you'll try your best to keep things quiet and enjoyable for everyone but would greatly appreciate their understanding if things go wrong. They will probably be willing to help you if you need assistance down the road.

That said, don’t worry about other people too much and what we mean by that is, if your child is in distress, worry about calming them not calming your fellow passengers or travellers. We were all babies once and we’ve all cried so they will get over it. Well, at least most of us have. Your primary concern will be reassuring your child, be polite but don't worry about those around you. Who can blame a baby or toddler for crying on a plane mid take off, we’ve seen plenty of adults cry at the same point.

We hope this helps keep your little cherubs content on your next trip. The good news is, if you find yourself in an airport, delayed or disrupted, all these tips still apply. 

Kids are also entitled to compensation for a flight delay or cancellation

Even though some conditions apply for kids under the age of 2, kids should also be compensated in case of a flight delay, cancellation or an overbooked flight. If you and your kids have arrived at your destination with a delay greater than 3 hours (2 for cancellations), you may be entitled to compensation. You can submit your claim with Flight-Delayed and we'll claim your compensation under our no win no fee basis. Best of all, our 25% fee will cover all the possible expenses associated with claiming it. Even the court fees! Check your flight for free to see how much money might be waiting for you:


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