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This week we will give you the low down on easyjet, explaining its history, facts, advantages, funny stories etc. This way you can learn a bit more about the British airline, as well as helping you select if you want to fly with easyjet in the future. Before you judge too quickly, just remember that every airline has its horror stories and that no airline is flawless. 


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Now onto easyjet

We believe it is important to understand the history of easyJet. The airline is relatively young where despite of that, it is successful on a global scale and has developed at lightning pace because of this. By viewing the timeline below you can get an idea as to how easyJet went from a small carrier to one of the aviation industry's biggest airlines in less than a decade.


The history of easyjet: A timeline

Founded in 1995, the airline established amongst the London Stock Exchange in 2000, but HQ is moving to Austria after the Brexit.

1995 - easyJet was founded by Greek Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou. He hired two Boeing 737-200 aircraft and initially only operated flights from Luton Airport to Glasgow and to Edinburgh.

1996 -  easyJet gained ownership of their own aircraft and flew their first international route which went to Amsterdam.

1997 - easyJet received their air operator certificate (before this their flights had been operated by GB Airways and Air Foyle)

1998 - Purchased a 40% stake in TEA Basel in Switzerland, renaming the airline EasyJet Switzerland.

2000 - easyJet gained floating stock in the London Stock Exchange market. 

2002 - Acquisition of rival airline GoFly and the airline opened its base at Gatwick Airport

2003 - 2007 - Opened bases in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, establishing a presence in continental Europe

2013 - Promoted to the FTSE 100 and launched its 100th route from Gatwick Airport.

2017 - Announced the opening of new European headquarters in Austria to operate after Brexit.

2018 - Officially, Europe's 5th biggest airline!


easyJet: Facts and figures


At flight-delayed UK we love facts and figures as we are always up to date on any flight data! For this blog, we gathered information from our own flight statistics as well as the official easyJet website.


Size of the fleet: 326 aircraft (more to be delivered in 2019!)

Total Passengers flown: According to easyJet, last year they flew a whopping 80’249’672 passengers, only 4 airlines in Europe flew more!

On-Time Performance: According to flight-delayed UK, between January-March (2018) easyJet has an OTP of 80.78%. This means that 80.78% of easyJet's flights leave within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure (not bad!). For comparison, we have outlined the OTP for all the UK airlines below.


UK Airlines scored by OTP in Q1 2018:

  1. Jet2 - 81.91%
  2. RyanAir - 81.44%
  3. Flybe - 81.36%
  4. EasyJet - 80.78%
  5. British Airways - 78.96%
  6. Virgin Atlantic Airways - 76.50%
  7. TUI Airways (TOM) - 75.97%
  8. Thomas Cook Airlines (TCX) - 72.83%


Number of Delays: In the first quarter of 2018, Jan-March 2018, easyJet had a total of 22,993 delayed flights, so they are still far from perfect. However, these delayed flights were all flights delayed by more than 15 minutes, including all flights that might have been delayed by half an hour or perhaps 2 hours. Essentially, only a fraction of these delays would have been long enough for passengers to claim compensation.


Did you know this?

In a year, easyJet sells just under 2 million bacon baguettes on board their flights. If laid out end to end, these baguettes would stretch from Venice to Vienna! And who doesn't like bacon?


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easyjet stories


As a claiming company, we tend to hear remarkable stories from passengers who have flown with different airlines, such as those mentioned below. Some of these stories are from really happy passengers, others were not quite so lucky. Nevertheless, these experiences make for great reading!

A heartwarming story

This about the saga of shackleton bear. When a cuddly bear toy was left behind on an easyJet flight, Captain Clutterbuck (the pilot) decided to take Shackleton (questionable name choice) the bear with him on the rest of his flights. He did this in the hopes that one day he can return Shackleton to his rightful owner.


A sad story

One story related to easyJet is of how a family of four were forced off an easyJet flight because they could not find an adult to sit next to their children (they were also unable to get seats together). Because no passengers offered to move, the family was kicked off the plane. Their distress did not end there as when they got home, their dog became ill had to be put down. Talk about bad luck! Fortunately, due to EU regulations for passengers denied boarding, the family was entitled to compensation.


If you would like to learn more about your rights as a passenger, visit our website.


A fascinating story


Another fascinating story from easyJet is that their aircrew uses secret hand signals to communicate about food orders. While many view this claim as a PR stunt, easyJet insists that this story is true.


A curious story

The last story takes us back to 2016 when easyJet started developing a pair of trainers that were supposed to vibrate to let you know your way. In a very interesting approach to in-flight sales, the carrier stated that they wanted to develop a product that would let you enjoy the city you were about to visit without having to look at those pesky maps! The idea was that the shoes would connect via Bluetooth to your mobile and guide you through the labyrinth that is an undiscovered city. Thank you easyJet, for developing technology that no one asked for. 


Flying with easyJet: a good decision why?


Some of the stories above may have unfairly painted easyJet in a negative light. As a reminder, easyJet is one of the world's leading airlines for a reason. What follows are some advantages of flying with the low-cost carrier:

  • easyJet is a great airline for passengers travelling for business as well as leisure. The airline was awarded the Best Short-Haul Airline at the 2018 Business Travel Awards, retaining its title from the previous year. Clearly, they are doing something right!


  • easyJet also rewards its loyal customers by inviting them to become members of their flight club (not to be confused with their fight club, which I shouldn’t talk about). Advantages of being a member of the flight club include better rates, free cancellations, free passenger name changes and many more.


  • easyJet is renowned for its low-cost flights. Along with Ryanair, they are changing the attractiveness of flight travel as prices drop and the number of available routes soars. So if you are looking for a cheap getaway, easyJet is the airline for you.


  • No-nonsense baggage policy. It's simple, with easyJet you get to take your traditionally-sized cabin bag and that's it. Everything else should go into it. There are, virtually, no weight limitations.

easyJet fun facts and history


easyjet: claiming compensation


We hope you enjoyed finding out more about easyJet! Despite the airline's efficiency and professional experience, many passengers who fly with easyJet are still being delayed (recall that over 20'000 flights were delayed between January and March).


At flight-delayed.co.uk we specialise in claiming the compensation that passengers are entitled to when their flights get delayed or cancelled. This can be as much as 600 per passenger! If your flight has been delayed or cancelled in the last 6 years, you can use our free flight checker to see if you are entitled to compensation. Don’t worry, use of the checker is non-committal and we have a no-win-no-fee policy (you only pay our 25% win-fee if we succeed) and we'll cover all the possible legal fees. Don't wait any longer, exercise your rights as a passenger!


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