The Ones To Follow 2020 - Los Viajeros Callejeros from Spain

Every one of us likes to travel, discover new places or just relax on the beach. On the way, you always meet the best people and some of us have made friends for life. This has proven a bit more difficult this year. Slowly, our fingers are itching and we would like to go somewhere new. Time to get some travel inspiration. And where better to do that than on Instagram? We've put together the best travel blogs of 2020, which whet our appetite for summer, sun, sea and beaches!


Next in our travel blog series "The Ones To Follow", we introduce the Street Travelers or Viajeros Callejeros as they're known in Spanish. Vanessa and Roger decided to create the blog so they could share their experiences while discovering new destinations. They explain it better than we can: "We have to confess that today, although The Street Travellers is our job, it is also an incredible life experience as it allows us to relive the journey through the memories and images we capture".


Introducing: Los Viajeros Callejeros

Tienes que Seguirles - Viajeros Callejeros

What's the story behind Street Travellers? How did the blog get started?


Everything started as an option to remember our trips, a hobby that with time and practically without wanting it, became our profession for several years now.


Where were you when lockdown as announced in Spain (or your country of residence) and what did you do?


We were at home, we had just returned from a trip of almost two months through Colombia.


How did you spend your time during the confinement?


The truth is that for us it has been quite easy because when we are not travelling we work at home and in that aspect we are used to this routine. On the other hand, because of our work, we are also used to spending quite a lot of time without seeing family and friends, so that's a situation that we can also handle quite well, although there was no lack of daily calls.

Was the transition from frequent travel to staying home for so long difficult?

This point was more complicated than that. The first month we got along well, but from the second month on, it started to get more complicated and more so when we saw that all the plans we had were falling apart little by little. We had a moment of chaos, but then we decided to reset and start again, with new projects and above all, taking advantage to generate much more content for the blog.


Did you have any flights booked that were later cancelled due to the pandemic? How did the airline behave in this scenario?


Yes, we had a couple of flights and on one we got the money back and on the other, we're still waiting.

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What do you miss most about travelling?


To be surprised every day and the movement, which although sometimes ends up being tiring, that has become a way of life for us.


What haven't you missed about the trips?


The tiredness we sometimes have when we have been on the road for several weeks and we get up very early to be able to work a few hours before starting the day.


What has been the longest delay or most frustrating cancellation you've had and how has it affected the rest of your trip? 

Several years ago we had a cancelled flight back from Italy. At first, we felt totally unprotected and didn't know what to do since we weren't given any option to fly until 3 days later. After assessing the situation we decided that the best thing was to take it as a gift and those three days were used to go to Florence and meet again with a city that we love.


Did you know that you can claim compensation of up to 600 euros for delayed or cancelled flights in Europe?

Yes, we know this, although the few times we have claimed it through the usual channels, it has never worked for us, so we opted for other channels to obtain these compensations such as, for example, travel insurance.


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Which of your journeys have you been reliving over and over again since the confinement was implemented? (Let's not call it the favourite one)


Probably the trip to Colombia, which was the last one.

Where would you like to travel to as soon as possible and if you already have plans, when are you leaving?

We have just arrived from a month-long route through the north of Spain and just tomorrow we are leaving for Switzerland for 13 days. After that, we will probably continue with the routes through Spain and as soon as we can travel "normally", Argentina will surely be our destination.



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We would like to thank Vanessa and Roger for their participation in The Ones To Follow 2020 and hope that they'll be able to enjoy the trip to Switzerland and we are looking forward to those posts regarding Spain and Argentina! Curious about their stories and photos? Check out one of our favourite articles from their blog and practice your Spanish below:


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Got the travel bug, too?


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