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Cancelled flights give you the right to claim compensation


Air passengers’ rights are protected when they experience a cancelled flight. Cancelled flights may very well mean that passengers should get compensation from the airline. According to European regulations, in case of flight cancellations, airlines must pay compensation of up to EUR 600 per passenger. Now you know, so be sure to take action!


Submit your flight date and flight number in our 'claim calculator' and in seconds you will know how much compensation you're entitled to. We can make claiming easier and also increase your chance to really make the airline pay. The most important thing is to not let the airline get away with it.

Why would you get help? Although the airlines are obligated (on a legal basis) to compensate their passengers, they usually give them a hard time by arguing that delays and cancellations were caused by an extraordinary circumstance. About 95% of all claims get turned down by the airlines at first.


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Cancelled flights, when do airlines refuse to pay compensation?


Airlines will very often utilise "force majeure" to get out of paying the compensation that their passengers are entitled to. However, more often than not, this extraordinary circumstances do not apply. Please do take into account that some circumstances, like a volcanic eruption or a terroristic threat, are in fact scenarios wherein the cause of the cancellation should be considered and event of force majeure. In such scenarios, the airline is not required to pay compensation.

A next step could be a complaint at the national enforcement body in the country where the problem (cancellation) occurred. However, since most people just decide to stop taking action, the airline will achieve its objective. This is exactly what the airlines want; to scare you, so you will leave them alone.


During which cancelled flights will I be entitled to compensation?


Regulation EC 261/2004 will apply to the following flights and you will be entitled to compensation when these conditions apply:


  • All flights departing from the European Union and also the ones arriving in the European Union while being operated by a European carrier
  • The original cause of your cancellation cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance
  • If you’ve been offered a replacement flight and you’ve arrived at your final destination exceeding the scheduled arrival time in the original booked by at least two hours.
  • If you have decided not to fly after your flight hast been cancelled. In this scenario, you may also be entitled to a refund.


The airline is not obliged to pay compensation for a cancellation when:


  • They informed you of your flight’s cancellation 14 days in advance
  • They informed you of your flight’s cancellation between 7 and 14 days in advance but they offered you an alternative flight that would let you reach your final destination with a delay lesser than 4 hours when compared to the original ticket. This flight should not depart more than 2 hours earlier than the time established in the original booking
  • They informed you of your flight’s cancellation within 7 days of the departure but they were able to offer you an alternative flight that would let you reach your final destination with a delay lesser than 2 hours when compared to the original ticket. This flight should not depart more than 1 hour earlier than the time established in the original booking.


Please note that if your flight does not meet the criteria above but you did encounter a substantial delay or cancellation, the airline is still required to offer assistance and care in the form of refreshments, meals, use of telephone, accommodation (in some cases) and transportation between the airport and the accommodation.


My flight was cancelled, how much money can I get as compensation?


The distance covered by your flight's route will determine the amount that you’ll receive as compensation for your cancelled flight. As established by the regulation, the amounts would be as follows:


  • For all flights of 1,500 kilometres or less, EUR 250
  • For all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 kilometres and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres, EUR 400
  • For all other flights (routes covering a distance greater than 3,500 kilometres) you'll be entitled to receive EUR 600*


*In this case, if you’ve arrived at your final destination with a total delay greater than 3 hours but lesser than 4 hours, the airline will be able to apply a 50% reduction to the total amount established in the regulation.


Why is the compensation for cancelled flights in euros and not in pounds?


Regulation EC 261/2004 establishes the amounts in euros. Therefore, when it comes to compensation for cancelled flights, the airlines will also pay the claims in euros. Here at we will send you your compensation in GBP (£) when we've successfully claimed it.


Want to know if your delay, cancellation, re-routing or denied boarding entitles you to compensation? Please go to our 'claim calculator'. Fill in your flight number and the date of your flight and we will tell you almost immediately if and how much money you can claim from the airline.


Every year, about 500 million people suffer from flight delays and cancellations and 30 million of them have the right to get compensation. Money that up until now remained with the airlines, amounting to almost three billion euros every single year!


Exercise your rights, claim now!

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