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European Court again decides in favour of air passengers

Thursday, October 4, 2012

European Court decides in favour of air passengers once more

Brussels -- The occurrence of extraordinary circumstances - such as a strike - resulting in an air carrier rescheduling subsequent flights does not give grounds for denying boarding or for exempting that carrier from its obligation to compensate passengers. This is one of the judgements made by the European Court today in Brussels. Judgements in line with their purpose to give passengers high levels of protection. 

Were you denied boarding on a flight that was rescheduled due to a strike? Or was your first flight delayed, causing you to be denied boarding onto your connecting flight? Then you may be entitled to financial compensation, as ruled by the Court.The concept of denied boarding relates not only to cases of overbooking but also to those concerning other causes, such as operational reasons. This also includes the rescheduling of flights and missing connections as a result of delays of an earlier flight, also when the first flight is delayed less than three hours. Air carriers cannot simply appeal to force majeure when a passenger misses its connecting flight or deny them boarding because of a strike by airports ground staff.

Written by: Flight-Delayed