Hamburg airport

Strike causes flights delays at Düsseldorf and Hamburg airports

Friday, February 15, 2013

Strikes at Düsseldorf and Hamburg airports caused long flight delays yesterday. Security staff refused working, causing long delays for passengers throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Many flights have also been cancelled. The strike is to continue today. 

The security workers' strike in Düsseldorf and Hamburg will affect tens of thousands of passengers. Only three of forty security checkpoints are being operated, meaning passengers are facing multiple hours of waiting, a Hamburg airport spokesperson stated. The security staff is on strike over pay increases: it is demanding a thirty-percent pay rise.

At Düsseldorf airport, the third largest airport in Europe, one third of all flights was cancelled; at Hamburg airport, half of all flights was cancelled. As the issues at the German airports will also have an effect on flight schedules on airports abroad, the effects are difficult to predict, but will be far-reaching. Have you experienced a delay as a result of these strikes? Unfortunately, you will not be entitled to compensation. If, however, an airline blames delays in the days to come on the strikes, it may very well be that the delay does entitle you to be compensated by the airline.

Written by: Flight-Delayed