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Delays on flights to Portugal: strike on 27 June

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today, Thursday 27 June, a strike will take place in Portugal in protest of strict government policy. Both air traffic control and public transport will take part in the strike. Flights to Portugal and from Portugal will face possible delays and may even be cancelled. The head of Portuguese public transport has announced to be opposed to the strike, which was called by the two major unions in Portugal.

Government cutbacks

The strike is targeted against the right-wing Portuguese government, who has been in power for two years, and is in response to the government's latest austerity measures. These cutbacks will take effect in 2014 and will mainly bear an effect on Portuguese civil servants. The plans are quite radical, leading to the two major unions to call for action. They argue that these cutbacks will thwart economic growth rather than boost it.

24-Hour strike: possible delays on flights to Portugal

The strike will last all day: a full 24 hours. As of yet, Portuguese airline TAP has not cancelled any flights to and from Portugal yet, but this is bound to happen. The company has warned its passengers for possible flight delays. So if you're travelling, you would be advised to check current flight departure info in advance. But the strike is not likely to be held throughout Portugal (but rather in certain regions only) so your flight could potentially depart as scheduled without any disruption.

Rights in case of a strike

Because this strike wasn't announced early on, air passengers are most likely not entitled to compensation. You can read more about air passenger rights in cases of strikes.

Written by: Team Flight-Delayed