3800 flights cancelled as result of Lufthansa pilot union strike

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Due to a strike initiated by Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) Lufthansa, 3800 flights will be cancelled this week. Approximately 425,000 travellers will be affected worldwide. Lufthansa has stated they are trying to arrange alternative flights with other airlines and other modes of transport for stranded passengers.

Strike for higher salaries and better working conditions

The Vereinigung Cockpit union, the union for pilots, hopes to achieve better work conditions and raises for about 5400 pilots in the 3-day strike that will begin Wednesday and end on Saturday. The strike hits the industry exactly two weeks after the French air traffic control strike, and just one week after another strike in Germany initiated by trade union Verdi.

Lufthansa has announced flights by subsidiaries German Wings and Lufthansa Cargo will also be affected by the strike.

With the cancellation of hundreds of flights, both domestic and intercontinental, only about 500 scheduled flights will take place as scheduled. Travellers are advised to check the current status of their flights before they travel to the airport. Lufthansa has published a list of those flights that have already been cancelled so far. Are you scheduled to fly with Lufthansa? Check the list to make sure your flight hasn’t been cancelled.

Written by: Team