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Britons set to face holiday tax

Monday, September 12, 2016

British passport and possbile visa documentation
Brits could face a ‘Holiday tax’ as a consequence of BREXIT. Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has stated that British holidaymakers could face a fee of £10 to visit countries in Continental Europe, such as Spain and France. 
This could see a family of four add a total of £40 to their trip before they have even arrived at the airport.
The negotiations for a British exit from the European Union have yet to start but the EU is warning that an American style visa system is a possibility.
A visa system would see the Britons require paperwork to travel through continental Europe and any country that is not currently part of the Schengen zone.
The move, if implemented, would prove controversial, but U.K. Government officials are unable to rule anything out at this point, as the process of a British exit is incredibly complex.
Immigration and freedom of travel were a hot topic throughout the debate leading up to the referendum, and the E.U. and the U.K. want to get the best deal they can respectively.
The prospect of a visa system is currently being debated by E.U. officials, who were already debating security in the wake of terror attacks in France and Belgium.
Although a visa system does have its critics, it is widely thought that one will be implemented sooner or later. It is unknown exactly what form that will take.
Any implementation of a visa could see E.U. citizens returning the favour and having to pay for a visa to enter the U.K.
The debate is set to rage on and until Article 50 (the legislation that allows a country to leave the European Union) is triggered, more uncertainty will increase speculation as to what a British exit will look like.
During an interview on the Andrew Marr show, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, said, “I am going to make sure what we do get is in the best interest of the U.K.”
When posed with the suggestion that many people would be surprised if they had to pay money and apply online to go across to France, the Home Secretary said, “I don’t think it is particularly desirable, but we don't rule it out because we have to allow a free hand to get the best negotiation.”