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Slow passengers to be bumped on to later flights

Monday, October 10, 2016

Image of busy terminal at London Heathrow
UK: Big families and passengers that take too much time getting to the gate of their connecting flight, could be moved on to later flights to avoid delays. 
Using a new profiling technology, airports will be able to reduce delays by recognising when a passenger or a group of passengers is going to miss their connecting flight.
The technology, which is being funded by Eurocontrol, the air traffic control network, will analyse 33 key factors to determine if airports need to take action to avoid a potential delay.
The use of the technology will also reduce pressure on the UK’s border control.
The answering of  questions such as the size of groups, the cabin class they travel in, or if they have checked-in bags, can help the airport make important decisions which can prevent delays. An example would be to send shuttle buses to collect the passengers and take them to their gates.
The airline industry has recently taken aim at the big data market which will allow them to collect information on passengers and enable airlines to tailor-make offers for their passengers.
The data collected could help prevent delays caused by the knock-on effect of passengers missing flights. A delay at one airport can cause several delays elsewhere.
The profiling was trialled at Heathrow in the summer and if it is deemed successful then it could be rolled out to all major European airlines.
The days of grabbing a cheeky pint in between connections or spending too long looking at overpriced magazines may be over if you want to get your connection.