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Joon: the new lost-cost airline for the youth of today

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

With an already intense competition between the low-cost carriers in Europe, mostly between Ryanair and easyJet at the moment, things are changing with one airline’s reveal of their new offshoot. Thinking of modern strategies to offer customers top quality service yet at the same time the utmost convenience, Air France recently launched Joon.

Joon was created with young, ambitious and accustomed guests in mind. The new generation of world-travellers. From early December 2017, you can purchase tickets for flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and four major European cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Port. Starting next summer, the airline plans to expand their market and introduce two overseas locations as well: Fortaleza, Brazil and the Seychelles.

In regards to the ticket price, starting off at £34.00, this will include only one piece of hand luggage and a free snach during the flight. For additional luggage such as check-in baggage, a fee will apply.

Although it is a cheap airline, Joon will forge the middle, economy and business class for mid-long-haul flights. Thus making it a completely new aviation category, a line-by-line service at a low-cost.