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Are you flying to the USA this summer? These are the problems you should expect.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

While European aviation is suffering from a generalised staff shortage and some really hard strike waves disturbing lots of flights, the US is also facing flight delays and cancellations. 

Learn more about the current situation in the US and your rights as a European passenger. 

Are you a European air passenger flying to the US and your flight was delayed or cancelled?

The European and British regulations protect your rights! 

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What is the cause of flight disruptions in the USA?

In the USA, the rate of flight cancellations and delays in June was higher than before the pandemic. This is due to bad weather conditions, such as storms in Florida and Texas, but also staff shortages, just like in Europe.

Staff shortages issues are arising during the high-demand spring and summer travel season, which also coincides with some of the most disruptive weather for airlines — thunderstorms.

This issue was emphasised on the recent first 4th of July weekend. Millions of Americans were rushing to the airports — this huge peak has stressed airlines and airports all around the country, leading to more than 12,000 flights delays and more than 1,100 cancellations.

Some airlines, like JetBlue or American Airlines’s subsidiary Envoy, raised their pilots and cabin crew wages for this busy period, trying to make sure that they have enough staff to handle the summer flights. Unfortunately for passengers, this seems to be not enough as the airlines are still experiencing significant staff shortages.

US flight delayed or cancelled: can European air passengers claim flight compensation?

Yes, in certain circumstances.

  • Did your flight cancellation or delay affect a flight departing from the UK/EU. No matter the airline you took, you can claim compensation.
  • Did your flight disruption occur on the way back to the UK/EU? Then compensation is only applicable for flights operated by British/EU airlines.

It’s also important to note that flight compensation is only applicable when:

  • The airline was the party responsible for the delay/cancellation
  • In the event of a delay: you arrived at your destination at least 3 hours late
  • In the event of a cancellation: your flight was cancelled fewer than 14 days before the scheduled departure date

Was your flight to USA cancelled or delayed because of the airline staff shortages? Then you are entitled to compensation!

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My flight to the US was delayed or cancelled, how much flight compensation can I get?

The amount depends on the distance of your flight. If you were flying to the US from the UK/EU, your flight was probably more than 3,500 km. Therefore, if you meet all the conditions stated above, you can claim flight compensation of £520! 

flight compensation amount

Can I claim compensation for flights within the USA?

Unfortunately not. The British and EU flight compensation regulations do not apply to flights within the USA, handled by American airlines.

American laws guarantee only the right to a ticket refund (also guaranteed by EU laws) and only in the event of a cancelled flight.

According to the Department of Transportation’s regulations, “A passenger is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled a flight, regardless of the reason, and the passenger chooses not to travel.”

How to claim flight compensation for my US flight delayed or cancelled?

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