The airlines with the most routes in the world

There are many ways to determine the size of an airline. Recently, we looked at which airline flies to most different countries or who carries the most passengers. This time we looked at which airline offers the most routes in total!

These figures refer to the summer flight schedule, which starts on 31 March and ends on 26 October 2019. The data published by the analysis service OAG and do not include all routes, but they represent the average of a typical summer week. Of course, the figures are to be treated with caution as more routes may be added or removed last minute- but a first impression is definitely already given! So let’s answer the question already,

Which airlines have the most routes worldwide?

6th place: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of the number of passengers carried. But in terms of the number of flight routes offered, the US carrier is only in 6th place. Not shaby for the airline with the colourful aircraft, with 754 different routes offered.

5th place: Delta Airlines

Also an airline from the U.S.A., and one of the largest in the world. With 939 routes are enough to get you the 5th place in this ranking.

4th place: easyJet

The British low-cost carrier easyJet is the first European airline in this ranking. 48 routes were added in comparison to the previous year, so it’s the first time that we’ve seen them reach position number 4. The lead over Delta is very narrow so perhaps they won’t retain their position next year. easyJet offers a total of 945 travel options - that's something to be proud of!

3rd place: United Airlines

Even narrower is the gap regarding the third place, which United Airlines claims with 950 routes. Without the 7 new routes offered by United in 2019, only the 4th  place would have been awarded.

2nd place: American Airlines

Now it’s time to talk about the heavy hitters, and clearly, with 1,106 routes offered, the world's third-largest airline, in terms of passenger numbers. ranks second when it comes to routes operated. However impressive AA’s feat may be, those 1,106 routes were not enough to dethrone Europe’s budget king. You know who we’re talking about.

1st place: Ryanair

Even if the number of routes covered by American Airlines is impressive, the largest low cost airline in the world, Ryanair, easily outshines all other airlines. Compared to last year, 145 more routes will be offered in the summer of 2019, bringing the total to an impressive 1,831!

Airlines with the most routes in the world

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To sum it up, here’s a list with the world’s top airlines by routes operated:

  1. Ryanair, 1,831 routes
  2. American Airlines, 1,106 routes
  3. United Airlines, 950 routes
  4. easyJet, 945 routes
  5. Delta Airlines, 939 routes
  6. Southwest Airlines, 754 routes.

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