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Missed connection also entitles passengers to compensation

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Luxemburg - Passengers with a connecting flight are entitled to compensation if their flight arrives at their final destination three hours or more later than scheduled. The European Court of Justice announced that today. The fact that the original flight was delayed by less than three hours does not influence the obligation to compensate passengers. In other words: great news for air passengers.

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Airlines and other parties involved have addressed the ambiguities within the legislation many times. Now, little by little, more is becoming clear about when exactly passengers are and are not entitled to be compensated.Today, more became clear about the rights and obligations surrounding a missed connection. Airlines do not compensate if passengers arrive at their final destination over three hours late but their original flight was delayed by less than three hours. The European Court of Justice's ruling will change that. It will no longer be relevant how much the original flight is delayed: what's relevant is at what time the passenger arrives at his final destination compared to at what time he was supposed to arrive, and if the difference between the former and the latter is more than three hours or less.

'In the case of a flight with a direct connection, flat-rate compensation should be evaluated based on the delay of the actual time of arrival compared to the scheduled time of arrival at the final destination, meaning the destination of the last flight that was booked by a passenger,' stated the Court of Justice.

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Written by: Flight-Delayed | Source: European Court of Justice