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Airlines and delays in June

Thursday, July 25, 2013

<p><strong>After a relatively cold spring, Europe has started to see some real summer weather. Now that many have started heading toward their holiday destination, it&#39;s a perfect time to assess how well the airlines have achieved last month: how well did they rate and what can you expect for the time to come?</strong></p><h2>Airlines and delays</h2><p><img alt="boze passagiers" class="img-responsive" src="/uploads/2013/7/boze passagiers.jpg" /></p><p>Schools have closed for the summer, meaning many Europeans have started their summer holiday. Heathrow airport will be facing its busiest day so far this summer, with almost 121,000 outbound passengers. But the summer madness isn&#39;t bound to stop anytime soon. So let&#39;s look at how the major airlines and airports scored in terms of on-time performance in June.</p><ol> <li>KLM achieved the highest scores, with nearly 90% of all flights being operated on time. Subsidiary KLM Cityhopper did even better with an on-time performance rate of 93,6%.</li> <li>Iberia&#39;s scores put them slightly under KLM: only about 16% of Iberia&#39;s flights were delayed in June.</li> <li>Lufthansa performed a little worse: approximately&nbsp;81% of all flights were operated without any significant delay.</li> <li>The numbers are slightly distorted due to the air traffic control strike in France, but with a score of 27% of all flights being delayed, it&#39;s clear AirFrance did not perform well in June.</li> <li>But it could get worse: British Airways came in second last of all European airlines: 34% of BA flights experienced a delay.</li> </ol><p>As mentioned, some of the numbers were affected by the air traffic control strike in France. It&#39;s also important to mention that a flight isn&#39;t labeled as delayed until the delay exceeds 15 minutes (compared to schedule). Cancellations haven&#39;t been taken into account for this overview. Air France, for instance, cancelled nearly 5% of all flights in June, in addition to the delays. On average, 24% of all flights operated by one of the larger airlines experienced a delay, and&nbsp;1,39% was cancelled.</p><h2>Airports and delays</h2><p>The scores of the top-5 rating European airports do not diverge much. All five score high with an on-time performance of 80%. Of the 35 larger airports rated,&nbsp;Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport scored highest, and&nbsp;Istanbul Atat&uuml;rk Airport lowest, with a delay rate of 33%.</p><ol> <li>Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport was the European airport that performed best, with 83,5% of flights running on time.</li> <li>Munich airport came in a close second, with 16,6% of flights being delayed.</li> <li>Vienna was number 3, with a score of 82,1% of all flights being operated on time.</li> <li>At Athens airport, 18,0% of flights was delayed.</li> <li>And at number 5, just above Copenhagen Airport, is Oslo, where 18,3% of all flights was delayed in June.</li> </ol><p>Madrid also scored reasonably high, with a delay rate of 78,0%. It&#39;s not until we look at the scores of Heathrow, Rome and Paris that the numbers start to get increasingly dramatic, with delay rates of 28% and 40% respectively.</p><h2>Compensation in case of a delay</h2><p>Even though the chances of being delayed on a flight are significant, a delay doesn&#39;t necessarily need to be a huge disruption. Every delay is an inconvenience to passengers, but we don&#39;t consider a delay to be considerable until it exceeds 3 hours. In that case, you will often be entitled to receive compensation for your delay. If you have experienced a delay, <a href="/submit-claim" target="_self">check your flight here</a> to find out how much compensation you may be entitled to receive.</p><p><strong>The amount of compensation is determined along these lines: &nbsp;</strong></p><ul> <li><strong>for all flights of 1,500 kilometres or less: EUR 250 (&plusmn; 199 GBP);&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>for all intra-community flights of more than 1,500 kilometres and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres: EUR 400 (&plusmn; 320 GBP);&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>for all other flights that do not fall under (A) or (B): EUR 600 (&plusmn; 480 GBP).</strong></li> </ul><p>Flight-Delayed assists passengers throughout Europe in getting compensation from airlines. We collect flight information for airports worldwide daily, and have a team of experts that are ready to help you.</p><p><strong><strong>Written by:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_self">Team Flight-Delayed</a>&nbsp;</strong>ǀ Source: Flightstats On-time Performance Report</strong></p>