Damaged baggage often falls under own risk

Saturday, March 29, 2014

According to research by Moneyview, the reimbursement value, paid back to the insured, for damages occurring during a holiday, is often disappointing.  Two of the three travel insurances handles cases where baggage is damaged as own risk cases. This can vary from € 34, - to € 100, - per event.

Coverage of travel insurance

In addition to the maximum total amount of compensation for damages that people can be reimbursed with, there is also a limit per product category. 70 percent of the examined insurances will reimburse less than € 300,- for damages to a smartphone.

This finding was conducted from a study, of Moneyview, which compared 83 short-term and Long-term insurances.

The coverage for medical expenses abroad varies: The basic Dutch health insurance sometimes covers the operating expenses. Additionally, more than six in ten travel insurances cover the own-risk medical expenses abroad. This saves about € 360, - (compulsory excess) to € 860, - (including voluntary excess) compared with travel insurances that do not cover the own-risk.

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