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Etihad Airline: The next level of luxury

Monday, May 5, 2014

Etihad Airways is taking it to the next level with the new hotel-style luxury cabins on its Airbus A380 and Boeing B787 Dreamliner. These come equipped with a double bed, shower and personal butler. The flag carrier airline of the UAE announced on Sunday that these are to be the most advanced airline cabins in the industry offering privacy and comfort to those who can afford it.

The company recently added the Airbus series A380 to its fleet wanting to set itself apart from the competition by focusing on the privacy of travellers. Etihad Airways describes this initiative as “customized luxury”.

A total of ten A380s have been ordered so far. The cabins shall be located on the upper deck, along with the “regular “first class apartments. The new business and economy classes shall also be equipped with extra comfort and both aircrafts shall be equipped with WIFI.

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