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Self-cleaning system for aircraft toilets

Monday, March 7, 2016

Aircraft toilets
Boeing has developed a concept for toilets that clean themselves. The aircraft manufacturer aims at decreasing disgust among passengers for frequently used toilets, especially on long-haul flights. 

Hands Free toilet visits

With this new system in place, toilets are to be disinfected by a harmless UV light, which kills bacteria between toilet visits. All this is said to take merely three seconds. The smart toilet will also automatically adjust the toilet seat and even goes as far as allowing passengers to open the doors without using their hands. Boeing is also working on a hands-free tap, soap dispenser, bin and hand dryer.
Jeanne Yu, responsible for environmental performance at Boeing, confirmed that some of these features are already in place. "Combined with the new UV-sanitation, passengers are better protected against bacteria, making the flight experience even more pleasant."
Written by: Flight-Delayed