Wheelchair bound

easyJet leave wheelchair bound pensioner at gate

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wheelchair bound pensioner left at gate
A wheelchair-bound elderly lady was left at the wrong gate by careless easyJet staff when her flight was delayed. 
The frail pensioner was expecting to board a flight to Belfast to visit her family but was unaware that the gate of her departure had been changed.
The easyJet flight from the Scottish capital to Belfast was delayed and staff were unaware of the pensioner's plight. It was not until a fellow passenger approached the elderly lady that the confusion had been realised.
The fellow passenger assisted the lady to the new gate and attempted to help her to check in on the flight only to claim that the elderly lady was ignored by airline staff.
Although, the Luton-based airline stated that an investigation would be opened, easyJet was quick to shift the blame stating that under EU regulation the responsibility for elderly passengers lies with the airport until the passenger is on board an aircraft.
easyJet also pointed out that Edinburgh airport contracted Omniserve to assist with passengers.
A spokesperson for Omniserve said, “We are grateful that this has been brought to our attention. We are taking this matter seriously and trying to find out exactly what happened.”
easyJet said that they would urgently take up the matter with Edinburgh airport as this is clearly not the kind of service they expect their customers to receive.
A spokesperson for Edinburgh airport said, “This is unacceptable the security and well-being of our passengers are our number one priority and  are assisting easyJet and Omniserve in their investigations to get to the bottom of this and make sure it does not happen again.”