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Mexicans stranded at Spanish airport

Friday, August 5, 2016

Sunset over Madrid
Madrid: Up to 200 Mexican passengers have been left stranded at a Spanish airport waiting to fly home. Many have been at the Madrid airport for as long as two weeks.
The cause is due to the passengers having Aeromexico budget tickets, issued to airline staff and their relatives only, the tickets are not available to the public.
Passengers flying using these tickets can only do so when seats become available, leaving many of the passengers sleeping rough at the airport as they can not afford hotel prices in Madrid.
Aeromexico refused a plea from desperate passengers to send an extra plane to pick them up.
The airline has previously advised passengers using the budget tickets not to fly during peak season.
The incident has led to direct involvement from the Mexican embassy in Madrid, after receiving a letter from a group of the stranded passengers, sources at the embassy said that they could not resolve ‘“a recurring problem with the company”, although, the consul to the embassy Bernardo Cordova told the mexicans stuck at the airport that he was in contact with Aeromexico and was assessing the passengers’ individual cases.