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British Airways cuts number of IN-FLIGHT meals

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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London: British Airways has left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of its passengers by reducing the number of meals it serves on long haul flights. As it stood passengers would get two full meals in-flight.

To replace the second full meal, the airline now offers fun-sized chocolate bars. The news came after speculation at the start of the summer season that the airline would start charging extra for its meals.

If the airline did charge for meals, it would be ending the decades long of tradition of providing in-flight catering as part of the product. It could also be considered a sign that British Airways is looking to reduce the costs of its operations.

The British carrier has in the past struggled to increase revenue on short haul flights. Charging for meals would be in line with rival airlines such as easyJet.

The airline has now taken the step of cutting the number of meals on economy flights shorter than 8 ½ hours.

It's not only economy passengers that will be affected by the cost-cutting exercise, this will also apply to premium flyers that are on flights under seven hours long.

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