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British Airways cabin crew to go on strike for 48 hours

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

British Airways’ cabin crew will go on strike for the next 48 hours, due to a running dispute regarding the salary of the mixed-fleet crew.

According to the airline, the strike will not influence the service at Gatwick or London City Airport, but 24 flights at Heathrow have been cancelled. This mostly concerns short flights to cities such as Hamburg, Vienna and Marseille.

Flights slightly altered

British Airways stated on their website that passengers are able to fly to their destination on the 10th and 11th of January, despite trade union Unite going on strike. They have said that they have had to merge several flights from and to Heathrow airport due to these unforeseen plans. This means that a few flights will depart slightly earlier than planned.

Previous planned strike suspended

The planned strike during Christmas was suspended after the trade union began negotiations with the airline on the 22nd of December, in which a new offer from the management for the mixed fleet crew was denied. Crew stationed at Heathrow airport with a so called ‘mixed fleet’ contract have stated to have been paid less than other airline crew on British Airways’ payroll.

Entitled to compensation?

When a flight has been cancelled or delayed due to a strike of the airline’s own crew, a passenger is entitled to compensation. In case of a cancellation, the airline is obligated to offer an alternative flight and if this is not possible, you are entitled to a refund of your tickets.

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